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Hanna Noordzij

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Passionate and educated in Molecular Bioscience, and working hard to learn about Coding and Bioinformatics

"During my bachelor and master thesis was I part of a great scientific group where I learned a lot about proteins, immunology and the human placenta. It was a great group to be in, with focus on excellent research, innovation and discussion. Everyone was encouraged to take responsibility for your own projects as well as to work together with the other group members."

"Now I am spending my free time to learn coding and basic computer science. With FreeCodeCamp have I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Currently am I learning about the basics of computer science and introduced into languages like C and Python with the Edx course CS50's Introduction to Computer Science from HarvardX. My gained knowledge am I using in small projects. In time I would love to be part of bigger projects, and maybe even develop software to help advance research in the biomedical sector."


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Contact information: hannanoordzij@gmail.com.
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