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More About Me

"I grew up in a lively town in The Netherlands, but moved with my husband and children to Oslo, Norway. My family and I love to go out and enjoy the Norwegian nature in all seasons. Although I love the nature, I ended up doing Molecular Biology, which is more an indoor activity."

"My strong interest for (bio)informatics started when I was part of an international competition for synthetic biology called international Genetically Modified Machine (iGEM). It was a challenge to create and complete a project from scratch. In addition to the biological aspects of the competition, every team made its own website to show off the project. I had a central role in setting up the website and so learned the basics of coding."

"After finishing my Masters I continued exploring informatics and wanted to improve my coding. I finished the first two certificates of FreeCodeCamp and I started to develop my own application. Although the basic functionality works, I wanted more. So I found CS50's Introduction to Computer Science course which already taught me a lot. Now I am even more convinced that I want to continue doing informatics, and hopefully can combine this with biology in the field of bio-informatics."

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