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Final project CS50

This web application is written in JavaScript. The program makes random groups of 4 or 5 from a list. The program runs 20 times in the background and picks the one with the lowest score. The randomly made groups are scored by how many times individual group members have been in the same group previously. The more unique the groups are, the lower the total score.

In addition to making random groups, the application should be able to read an excel file and read the correct columns to make the groups. This I could not figure out, and decided that I needed to learn more before heading back to this project. CS50 already taught me a lot, and I am confident in finishing this project and using it as my final project in CS50 (and using it in the real world). At this point, I expect to rewrite the JavaScript part and use Python instead.

The application will be refered to when it is finished.

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Technical Documentation Page

Picture of a labtop and a notebook.

As part of the Responsive Web Design Certification from FreeCodeCamp, this Technical Documentation Page was build. A simple responsive webpage using only HTML and CSS (no bootstrap or other library).

The project is very specific about how the navigation bar should look and be positioned on different screensizes, otherwise the design, layout and subject of the page were up to the creator. The whole project is descibed at FCC Build a Technical Documentation Page.

Tourpoule Application

This application is not made at all. A first version will hopefully be made before the Tour de France 2019. In the mean time, this will probebly be swaped with a project made for CS50 in the next couple of weeks.

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